Now, the tagline “which was totally a pro-Charloe episode” may seem completely tasteless in light of what actually went down in the episode, but nah. Pro-Charloe doesn’t mean anti-Jason. (Though, it can mean anti-Jarlie—but that is a different thing than being anti-Jason entirely.)

However, since…

If you haven’t already, go check out my 2x19 - 2x22 Speculation post. It just adds so much onto what KissesDahling said about 2x18 (Austin City Limits). Anyways, here’s some more of my thoughts on 2x18 and the rest of the season. 

Scripted or not, that moment where Charlie was getting out the boat and using Bass’ arm to balance herself was purposely edited into the episode. It doesn’t matter if it was scripted, the show execs wanted the audience to see it. 

I’ve also noticed Connor is being sort of spoken down to by the rest of the group, and while there are moments where Charlie is sometimes excluded with him, they (Miles & Bass) do include her a lot of the time. But back to the point, they do keep making the audience aware of Connor being less mature than the rest of the gang. So I could even more so see him as switching sides over a broken heart from Charlie & a broken promise from his father. 

Now, the scene where Charlie is explaining to Jason how what that guy was saying about him wasn’t true…I could totally see something similar to this happening with Charlie & Bass. I mentioned this in THIS POST, but here’s a quick refresher. Imagine for a second that Bass does break his promise to his son about getting back THAT republic. An enraged Connor changes sides and joins the Patriots. If this happened, Bass would most likely immediately want to revert to how he was feeling at the very beginning of the season when he lost his republic: hopeless and ready for death. But what if Charlie was there to remind Bass that he did the right thing in not taking back what was basically a dictatorship, and she would help him get Connor back with them. And what if that bonding experience (which would happen next season) is what brings them together? This could then lead to them almost getting Connor back, Connor realizing they’re together, creating even more anger in Connor than before and even more personal conflict for our characters. OMG, the possibilities. Could you imagine???? There would just be a bagillion different things the writers could do with a storyline like that. 

Next, I think it’s interesting that kissesdahling brought up Miles noticing the comments between Jason & Charlie, because I predicted in my speculation post that they would have a heart to heart about Jason’s death, Charlie’s future, and how Bass & Miles became so hopeless. 

Lastly, when kissesdahling mentioned that “he just had to kill someone she loves. For all her sassy, tough talk…she’d have you believe she could easily do it to him or any of the others, but she couldn’t. This is proof that the Charlie who first went to find Miles is still in there. She’s tougher, true enough. But that good person who loves people and sees the best of them—she’s still alive. And it took this death to bring her out.” It reminded me of what I mentioned above and how Charlie will see the best in Bass. 

So will Charloe happen? I think it’s inevitable at this point. And when it does happen, IT WILL BE GLORIOUS. 



So, a while back, I had seen that they had this panel with the UN & some NBC execs. I heard that two Revolution cast members would be there, but I (and I’m being completely honest here) just summed it all up to NBC trying to put Revolution out in the world desperately searching for new viewers. I really didn’t think this would be significant, and I thought it was silly that Revolution actors were there. This was probably about 2-3 weeks ago at SXSW. 

I just saw a link to the panel on another Revolution blog (now it’s killing me, because I can’t remember which one), and I decided I’d at least check it out (if only to just see/hear David Lyons, lol).

My opinion of Revolution has forever been changed…and I’m only half way through this video. Not only does the UN have a partnership with NBC, but they asked to form a partnership with Revolution specifically. What they’ve done since forming this partnership is incredible, and I can’t believe I’m only just realizing what this show has done, especially with the child soldiers. (I feel so conflicted about that story line now.) Though I’m still completely attached to the characters, the show has so much more meaning for ME now.

A bit about me: Over the past 7 or 8 years, I’ve begun establishing who I am as a human being and how I want to spend the rest of my life. A big part of that has become how I want to affect the world. Since I was about 14, I’ve had big dreams of one day moving overseas and saving child soldiers and children forced into sex slave trade. It’s a topic that I’m extremely passionate about. Though I’m not there yet, I’ve already begun my path to saving the world (seriously, I just want to save everyone). I spent the past 2.5 years running  a local NOLA organization that works specifically with children in need. It was an incredible experience, and I felt like the children were my own. They spent as much time with our program as they were spending at home and at school. We worked with their teachers to better their educations and with their parents to better their livelihoods. Teachers would give us progress reports and tips on what specific students needed help with, and parents were bettering their educations by getting their GED’s and taking resume writing classes all through our program. As much as I loved what I was doing (and I realized although I wanted to go overseas, we have many children in the US that are also in need), I had to leave my job to focus on school. While with the program, I was working 60-80 hours a week (with children, no less) and was unable to maintain my grades. I lost my scholarship, but all was good, because the experience was priceless. Since being back in school, my dream of saving children is still present, but it’s sort of been put on the back burner. 

Now I first started watching Revolution for the characters. I mean, why else do you watch a TV show? But now, after watching this, I’m so thrilled that THIS is a show I chose to stick with. I will never be more enraged at a television show’s cancellation than I will be if NBC cancels this show. I feel a bit self-absorbed for not realizing what was really going on in this show, but now I so badly want to get overseas it’s not even funny. I just love that Revolution was able to bring this out in me. 

I’m having such a serendipitous moment right now, I might cry, lol. 

Just do yourself a favor. Watch this video. Share it. Spread the word that Revolution is actually a show with a message. 

1.3 billion people are currently living in the world without electricity. It’s real. It’s not fictional. It’s something we should want to do something about. 

On a side note: Can we please acknowledge that even the United Nations is watching/supporting this show? How on earth could NBC cancel it? If it does get cancelled, I will legitimately cry. I think what they’re all doing is really awesome, and I see so much more potential in that partnership than they’ve already shown. I just can’t believe NBC hasn’t promoted this partnership more this season. Also, I thought it was so silly with the actors being there, but leave it to David Fucking Lyons to speak so eloquently on why this partnership is so awesome. 




"Please don’t go. Please. Please don’t leave me…..
Everybody leaves me. Please don’t.

I will always reblog this set. It’s everything that Charloe is. It has to be one of my all time favorite Charloe posts.

Y know, everyone talks a lot about how everyone leaves Charlie. Miles & Rachel have even seemingly abandoned her this season. I just think this scene was soooo much more important than we realize. Monroe could’ve easily just waited there with her and taken out the patriots. What was the purpose of the writers/directors having Charlie think Bass left and then come back? And not only coming back, but coming to save HER. It was so that Charlie could say that line, “YOU CAME BACK.” He did come back, for the second time this season (I count that night at the bar as the first). He’s like the first/only person who’s ever come back for her. Even in the season 1 finale, it was BASS who saved her. I think this + the fact that they have SOO much in common is going to be what drives them together. 


So today, I read on that Revolution’s signs of being renewed are doubtful because the internet didn’t react to a main character being killed off last week. All I want to say to the author of that article is, “What The Fuck are you talking about? Because the entire fucking Revolution fandom (even those not shipping Jarlie) did kind of fucking react.” Fucking morons.




Stupid people. I’m heart broken.

link please? 

I didn’t even notice this got any notes. HERE’S the link. Comment away!